Kick-off for MyVox coordinated HATAI project

HATAI –  3D HapticTouch ASIC — ASIC integration for smart 3D imaging sensor system for ultrasonic sensor for gesture control

MyVox, ShortLink, Linköping University together with Veoneer and Mycronic meet today in Stockholm to kick-off the HATAI project to run during 2018-2020 with aim to transfer MyVox current ultrasound beamforming electronics into a low-cost customized ASIC.

MyVox together with  partners will within the HATAI project develop two generations of ASICs for ultrasound based 3D imaging microsensor system. The first application is within the safety of car interior and car human interaction via gesture control and haptic ultrasound feedback in air.
This project has received funding from Vinnova under grant no: 2018-01521.

More info at [—–asic–integration-i-smart-3d-imaging-sensor-system-for-rorelse-kontroll/ ] (Swedish only).

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