Founded by industry experts, run by nerds.

Scalable hardware on the cusp of audio, invented in Sweden.


It's everywhere, but never seen.

Semiconductors make up a giant global industry, a technology heavy niche often not known by all, but plays a role in everyone’s life. In 2022, almost 31 billion MEMS chips were sold around the world. That's about 4 chips per year for every person on the planet or 3,5 million chips produced per hour. MEMS, short for Micro-Electromechanical systems is a specific kind of technology for micro-sized chips with advanced tasks where both mechanical and electrical functions are needed. You find MEMS chips in smartphones, earphones, computers, cars, airplanes, medical devices, your microwave, the bus you take to work, the subway system etc. etc. etc
Our innovation

The MEMS Microspeaker

A µ-sized speaker for all customer electronics including smartphones, in-earphones, over-earphones, laptops, tablets, wearables etc.

Scalable manufacturing

A MEMS speaker allows for the utilization of semiconductor manufacturing technology. Each unit will be exactly the same, no calibration needed. The production is near instantly scaleable to billions of units.

Superior sound performance

A speaker diaphragm of silicon enables faster , more accurate movement. The sound is more precise, with a bandwidth that extends to higher frequencies than conventional speakers.

Better form factor

A speaker in a chip enables a form factor with thinner devices, easier integration and lower power consumption than conventional speakers.

Our idea

We are a startup based in Stockholm founded by industry experts, run by nerds.

We know MEMS

MEMS industry experts, academic research and serial entrepreneurs laid the foundation for the founding of Myvox in Sweden. Since its founding, Myvox has been developing and researching world-leading cutting-edge MEMS speaker technologies, including haptics, acoustic levitation through ultrasound, and our MEMS microspeakers.


Our patented MEMS microspeaker design can be manufactured in a MEMS foundry. Myvox has a partner and are settled for large scale production. Thanks to the inherent benefits of MEMS manufacturing, it is easy to go from 0 to 100 in no time.

We are making waves

Our patented micro-sized hardware innovation contributes to a global revolution in the consumer electronics industry. No conventional microspeaker can offer the same sound, size and manufacturing benefits.

A dedicted team of industrial experience deep tech engineers and serial entrepreneurs

Mattias Holmer_bild

Mattias Holmer

+46 72-539 31 47

Louise Ribrant

VP of Business Development
+46 76-037 47 09
Josef Hansson

Josef Hansson

+46 76-160 63 65
IMG_2295 - kopia

Jonatan Wårdh

Theory & Physics

Serguei Smirnov

Simulations & Electronics
Lukas Malm

Lukas Malm

Acoustic Characterization
Alejandro Bergstrand

Alejandro Bergstrand

Experimental setups
Lennart Jacobsson

Lennart Jacobsson

Board member & Chairman
Peter Ågren

Peter Ågren

Microsystem Technology Officer (MTO),
Co-Founder and Board member
Lars Hagdahl

Lars Hagdahl

Board member & Co-Founder
Peter Enoksson_svartvit

Peter Enoksson

Board member

Are you an innovator? an entrepreneur? an adventurer? a visionary? a creator?

We are always looking for new talents. There is currently no specific role outstanding, but if you’re interested in working at Myvox, don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail.

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